Murray Bridge Flying School Ground Theory

All ground theory is taught in our on-field premises with comprehensive notes, visual aids and all textbooks available for purchase.

Ground School

Our ground school can be conducted one-on-one or if you prefer, in a group for energetic learning. A group of up to 3 students often stimulates learning as students can answer each others’ questions and often learn from each other.

Our ground theory school has been operating at Murray Bridge for 15+ years. Our theory instructor has been learning and teaching in aviation theory courses for 20 years.

Our students come from all over Australia for our ground theory school.

Annual Flight Review

Our annual flight review days are fantastic interactive group theory courses to bring private pilots up to currency and up to speed with the latest CASA regulation changes. This course is a cost-effective way to brush up on theory and is run by a fully qualified Grade 1 instructor.

From $88 per person depending on numbers